1892 - 1964                       

Seymour Charles Preston
ca. 1918


Marriage: 24 March 1920
Place: Burley, Cassia, Idaho

Birth Date: 20 July 1892
Birth Place: American Fork, Utah, Utah
Death Date: 11 April 1964
Burial: Declo, Cassia, Idaho

Minnie Lyle Preston
LaPreal Preston
Donald Charles Preston
Robina May Preston
Fern Preston
Clair Preston

Gara Dee Preston           
Connie Preston 
1922 -
1929 - 1964
1902 -
1902 -
1911 -
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1937 -
OCCUPATION(S): Farmer, Meat Inspector (Simplot)


Seymour Charles Preston
Minnie Preston
Leyland Preston
Clifford Preston
Cline Preston
James Nile Preston




Enjoyed fishing, "would sit for hours holding a pole".
Lived 2 miles outside of Declo, Idaho
1962 moved to Boise, homes on Butte St., Mountain View Dr., Lemhi St.

The following biographical sketch is from a handwritten note by someone yet unknown. It is believed to be in the hand of LaPreal Pace (daughter). The note was sent to La Preal Calkins (grand-daughter) by Frank Pace in January 2008. It appears to be a draft for an obituary notice.

    Seymour C. Preston was born July 20, 1892 in American Fork, Utah to Charles Henry Preston and Della Curtis.
   He lived with his parents in American Fork until 1903 when they moved to Declo.
   Dad was ushered into manhood at twelve years ofage. Taking his place as a man besid his father. Working on the Minidoka Dam. He drove a team of horses and worked on a slip to build canals to bring water to the thirsty desert.
   Dad was called Oct. 3, 1917 at Albion, Idaho to serve the country to defend the freedom we so much enjoy. He took his treaining in Camp Lewis Washington and then to Camp Upton in New York from there he sailed to France.
   There he served with the First Division participating in five major battles driving an ammunition truck. Dad was released from ther service of his country Aug. 19, 1919.
   After his return he met Vera Leona Gorman and after a short courtship of seven he married Vera Leona Gorman March 24, 1920. To this union were born eight children 2 sons and 6 daughters Clair and Garra Dee preceded him in death.
   After there marriage they moved to their first home in Declo in March 26th where Dad spent much of his life farming.
   At different intervals he worked for the Bureau of Reclamation and J. R. Simplot Co. Six years prior to his illness he was employed as a meat inspector for the State of Idaho.
   Dad's happiest hours were when he had a couple of his grndchildren around him.
   Dad loved the beauty of Gods creation. Where he could fish and enjoy the beauty that surrounded him.
   Besides his widow he is survived by one son Don Preston and five daughters Minnie Jibson, Logan, Utah LaPreal Pace Emmett Ida, Robina Widman Burley Ida, Fern Hess, Vancouver Wash, Connie Calkins Boise and 18 grand children.
   Following brothers and sisters Minnie Osterhaut - Burley Ida Leland and Jim of Declo - Cline of Burley and Clifford of Ogden Utah.
   We are deepley indebted to Dad for the contribution he made to preserve our freedom and in assisting and conquering the deserts that are now as a garden.

Don we as a family appreciate what you have done in giving Dad a deeper understanding of the tender mercies that are over all the inhabitance of the earth.

Written below in some one elses hand (perhaps Vera) is the following:
Dads last wishes to me were that all his children be united in the gospel