Seymour Preston, Minnie Preston
ca. 1897

 World War I - France

 Wedding Photo




 Don, Nola, Seymour, Vera, Robina, Art, Frank, LaPreal, Minnie, Connie. ca. 1948

 (Back) Minnie, Donald, LaPreal
Robina, Vera, Connie, Seymour, Fern ca 1943



Vera & Seymour Preston
ca. 1963

Tom & Minnie Osterhaut, Vera & Seymour Preston
ca. 1963


Preston Siblings
Cliff or Cline, Leland, Minnie, Seymour, Cliff or Cline



241 West Main St. American Fork, UT.
Home of William and Mary Ann (Minnie) Grant - built in 1890.
Birthplace of Seymour Charles Preston.

Minnie Grant was Charles Henry Preston's older sister and took
care of Della Curtis during her pregnancy.


 Note: the large photos in the background are of
Donald and Nola Preston