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Isaac Houston


Marriage: 19 July 1827
Place: Acworth, Sullivan, New Hampshire

Birth Date: 5 October 1799
Birth Place: Acworth, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Death Date: 23 August 1856
Burial: Salt Lake City,Salt Lake, Utah

Jane Mariah Houston
Louisa Houston
Sisson Chase Houston              
Emeline Houston
Mindwell Houston
Alma Houston
Isaac Houston




Isaac Houston
Nancy Houston
Phoebe Houston
Deborah Houston
Alexander Houston
Maria Houston
Emeline Houston

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Isaac Houston: Pioneer of 1850
by his great-granddaughter, Theodocia Shelley Melville
      Bishop Isaac Houston was the eldest of Samuel and Phebe (Mayo) Houston, born the fifteenth of October, 1779, in Acworth, Sullivan Co., New Hampshire. A son of sturdy energetic pioneers, living in a section where thee very atmosphere developed intergrity and manly attributes.
      Of his grandfather, Alexander Houston, it si written in the Centennial History of Acworth, that he settled in Acworth, Sullivan, N.H., in 1775. He was a deacon in the Congragational Church. He was large of stature, moderate in his movements, amiable in disposition, and upright in his dealings. He fought in the Revolutionary War.
      While a young man, Isaac taught school and at the age of 28, July 19, 1827, he married Theodocia Keyes, a daughter of Amos and Mary (Grout) Keyes. They moves to Lincoln, Addison Co., Vermont, where he was engaged in the Lumber and farming business. Seven children were born to this couple. Jane Mariah, Louisa, Sisson Chase, Emeline, Mindwell, Alma, an Isaac. They embraced the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the year 1839.
      It is related, that one evening while Isaac was attending his horses, the spirit of tongues came upon him and he was compelled to speak aloud, to the astonishment around him that "the Gospel was true and from God." He asked his wife, Theodocia, what she thought of the Latter-day Saints Church. She replied that their "religion was true and that if she only had a bark roof to cover her head she would gather with the Saints to live and die."
     In the spring of 1842 they came with the Saints to Nauvoo, in the company of Elder Peletiah Brown. Here two sons, Isaac and Sisson and one daughter died.
     They were acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith, and labored in the building up of the City of Nauvoo the Beautiful. They passed through those trying times of the martyrdom of the Prophet, Joseph Smith and his brother, Hyrum, the mobbings and driving of the Saints, without murmuring or wavering of faith.
       They moved in 1846 to Winter Quarters, here they lost their only son from sickness due to moving and insufficient shelter.
      In 1847, one daughter, Jane preceeded them to the Great Salt Lake Valley. She arranged to travel with her cousin, Samuel Alexander, and care foir his two small children. She later married him, and died at the birth of a son, before her parents arrived.
      Father and Mother Houston and the two remaining daughters, Emeline and Mindwell, moved across the Missouri River and lived for a time in Springfield, Iowa, where they engaged in farming and trading to get means for an outfit and provisions, to gather with the main body of the Church in the West.
     In the spring of 1850 they came on to Utah driving two ox teams, one of the animals being a cow which furnished food along the way. Theodocia would put the milk in a crock in the back of the wagon, and by night it would be churned into butter.
     They lived first at Lehi, but in the fall they moved to Alpine where they built their home, the farm being north of where the town of Alpine is now. He built a saw mill in connection with his son-in-law, James W. Preston, Emeline's husband.
     Isaac Houston was ordained the first Bishop of Alpine, Sept 18, 1852, by Elder George A. Smith, his Counselors being William Niswanger and Morris Phelps.
     They were very hopsitable, Theodocia being a very good cok and a neat , particular housewife. They entertained many of the heads of the Church in their two room log home. They were very honest, industrious, frugal and hard working people. Firm believers in all the principles of the gospel, including plural marriage, he having married a second wife, Mrs. Eliza (nee Dyer) Brown April 19, 1853.
     He died of pneumonia, August 23, 1856, and with his wife, Theodocia, lies buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, because at the time of his death Brigham Young said all the Bishops should be buried there.
     At the time of her husband's death, Theodocia gave Aunt Eliza the land and the home. She took the cattle and went to live with her daughters at American Fork. Mindwell having married Washburn Chipman Dec. 2, 1855.
     It is said of Isaac, that after delivering some lumber in American Fork one day, he came home and told his daughter, Mina that he had seen her future husbandm and said he, "He is not a Mormon yet but he will be."
     Theodocia lived in American Fork until her death August 22, 1869, having been an invalid the last three years of her life from paralysis. She was a very ambitious woman, full of faith and a great reader of the Bible and Church works, After she was stricken so she couldn't work she would sit and cry and rock her daughter's babies, but with her speech affected she talked very little. (This, from her granddaughter Louisa J. Chipman Herbert, who was the member of the family designated to care for her during her helplessness.)

From The History of Provo Fourth Ward p. 26
     "On May the 9th, Isaac Houston, James W. Preston, and George Patten, residents of Mountainville, were declared a corporation, probably the first corporation in the county, by the County Court; with the right to build a dragroad, allowing a charge of ten cents a load. A strict account to be kept and reported to the Court, till the original cost was realized back. The court was held at the residence of the clerk."

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History of Provo Fourth Ward
by J.E.Booth
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