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Sarah Cousins


Marriage: 31 October 1838
Place: Berkshire, England

Birth Date: 7 March 1819
Birth Place: Thatcham, Berkshire, England
Death Date: 4 February 1898
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah


Henry William Brown
Edwin Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Charles Brown
Sarah Ann Brown
Emma Brown
Ellen Brown
Ellen Maria Brown
Mary Frances Brown
Albert Cousins Brown




Sarah Cousins





Jonathan Brown was born 31 July 1816 in Spilsby, Lincolnshire,
England to Jonathan Brown and Frances Mary Green. His father was
born 25 April 1794 in Harwich, Essex, England and his mother was born
8 October 1796 in Thetford, Norfolk, England. He was the second of
9 children: Frances Elisabeth, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Henry, William,
Fanny, Emily Emma, Edward, Ellen.

October 31, 1858 he married Sarah Cousins, She was the daughter
of George Cousins and Ann Herritage and was born in Thatcham, Berks,
March 7, 1819.

After their marriage they moved to Newbury, Berks. and made their
Home where 7 of their 10 children were born.

About this time the Mormon missionaries had been sent to England
and Sarah went to their meetings. She was much Impressed and felt
that their message was true. She attended their meetings for quite
some time before her husband found out, He was a high-tempered man
and when he found out she was attending "Mormon" meetings he became
so enraged that Sarah had to hide away from home for some time. When
she finally came back she told him that she knew the Gospel message
was true but that she would not be baptized until he was ready to
join the Church with her,

The Church migration from England began in 1850 and the Saints
began to embark for Zion. Meanwhile Jonathan began to study and
investigate the Gospel and he and Sarah were baptized January 19,
1852 and began plans to emigrate to Zion. They disposed of their
home and property and in January 1853 went to Liverpool to arrange
for passage etc. to sail for America.

When they arrived in Liverpool, Jonathan's father and brother
William and Sister Sarah were there to see them. So Jonathan found
lodgings for his family and the next morning went with his father
and William to Preston where William had a thriving business. They
tried to dissuade Jonathan from leaving England and William offered
to give him 500 pounds if he would denounce the Gospel and stay there
but Jonathan said "I left Newbury with the intention of going to
Zion and, please God, nothing will stop me. If William had offered
me thousands instead of hundreds it would have been in vain. I mean
to press onward through thick or thin. God willing.”

They set sail from Liverpool January 18,1855 on the ship "Ellen
Maria" with Captain Whitmore in command. That was quite an undertaking
to cross the ocean in winter with 7 children, the oldest 15 and
the youngest 1 year and the mother again pregnant. The second day on
board nearly everyone was helpless and sick and Jonathan was the only
one In his company that could render any assistance, which he did
night, and day. He writes: “With a sick wife, a sick nurse, 7 sick
children, besides the others of the company I cared for, I do not
think I slept in a bed 6 nights out of the 6 weeks we were on board.
I laid me down on the boxes in front of the beds ,ready if any assistance
was needed," The ocean was very rough and they were tossed about
a great deal and had to nail their baggage to the floor.

Jonathan had several narrow escapes through falling about by the rocking
of the ship, He fell against a ladder and, nearly broke both legs.
And another time he fell and sprained his shoulder and cut his forehead
in three places. Another time he had made some arrowroot thick and
boiling. He put it on the table and reached down to get something from
the floor when the ship pitched and spilled the boiling mixture all
down his arm, taking the skin with it. He says: "Well, my shoulder, legs,
head, and arm all got well by the healing ordinances of the Church and
I did not lay by one hour with it all. Thanks to the Lord,”

They arrived in New Orleans and then went by river steamer to St.
Louis, Missouri arriving there March 19, 1853. On the 23rd of March
1853 a baby girl was born to Sarah, which they named Ellen Maria after
the ship they sailed on. Little Ellen, who had been so very sick aboard ship,
died April 27, 1853 and was buried at St. Louis, Missouri,,

They remained at St. Louis for a short time and then went overland
to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where the 11th company of Saints were
being organized. The company consisted of 250 Saints with 40 emigrant
wagons and Elder Claudius V. Spencer as their Captain. They crossed
the Missouri River June 3, 1853 reached the Weber River September 17,
1853,, Provisions were short and progress was slow.

The Company arrived in Salt Lake Valley September 24, 1853.
Twelve days after they arrived little Ellen Maria died. They built a
home in South Cottonwood (now Murray, Utah) just east of State Street
and South where Jonathan farmed. Their children were: Henry William,
Edwin E., Elisabeth, Charles, Sarah Ann, Emma, Ellen, Ellen Maria,
Mary Frances, and Albert Cousins (George).

Seven months after the last baby was born, Jonathan died, July 5,
1860 at the age of 42 years and Sarah was left to raise her family of
8 children, which she did with the help of her oldest son Henry. Sarah
died at her home February 4, 1898 at the age of 79 years. They are
buried in the City Cemetery. (Salt Lake.)

Charles was killed at Thistle Valley, Sanpete County, by the Indians,
24 June, 1866.


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