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Marriage: 8 May 1791
Place: Salem, Essex, Massachusetts

Birth Date: 1769
Birth Place: Danvers, Essex, Massachsetts
Death Date: 1826
Burial: Salem, Essex, Massachsetts

son Whittemore (w-1)(under 10 in 1800)
James Whittemore (w-2)b. 1804

OCCUPATION(S):  Soap Boiler, Ropemaker

(or POTTER)or Pousland

James Whittemore
Mary Whitttemore
Jacob Whittemore
Anne Whittemore
Stephen WHittemore



Research Ideas
Salem Cemetery Records for James and     Sarah Whittemore.
Record of Interments 1840-70 (877,449)
Marriage or death of son born to Patty    and James



     James Whittemore was born in Danvers (formerly called Salem Village) in 1769. Danvers lies adjacent to Salem on the northwest.  
      James married Patty Clemons in 1791 in Salem. On the 1800 census they have only one child, who is a boy under the age of 10. Whether they had anymore children than this is unknown. Also of note on the 1800 Census in Salem, the next door neighbor of James and Patty is a widow by the name of  Sarah Presson [Preston]. In 1803, four months after the death of Patty, James and Sarah married.   
     Although on the record of Patty's death James is listed as a Soap Boiler, on every other records James is listed as a Ropemaker. This seems to be a family trade as James step son, Richard Preston became a ropemaker, as well as his brother, Stephen and his sons.
     Bentley mentions in his diary that James and Sarah had one child. This is confirmed by th 1820 Census which lists a male between age 16 and 18.  If they had a child shortly after their marriage, he would be in this age category in 1820.
     The exact date of death for either James or Sarah from current sources is unknown. There is a death listed in the Salem death index for a James Whittemore who died in 1826. This may or may not be the correct one. There also is in the Essex County Probate Index a reference to guardianship for in April if 1823 for James Whittemore, a minor, of Salem. If the son of James and Sarah was born perhaps in 1804 he would be 19 years old in 1823, which is two years before majority.

From Salem Births
There are no entries for any children of James Whittemore listed in this book.

From Salem Marriages
Whittemore, James and Patty [ Margaret C.R. 4] Clemmonds, May 8, 1803 (intention to marry also recorded)
Whittemore, James and Sally Preston [Hannah Presson, int.] August 27, 1803 (intention to marry also recorded)
Whittemore, Asa and Mary Poland of Danvers, November 10, 1768.
Whittemore, Anne and George Atkinson, July 20, 1800.
Whittemore, Stephen and Betsey Noyes, May 27, 1808

From Salem Deaths
Whittemore, James, [died] 1826 CR10
Whittemore, Martha (Clemens), w[ife of] James, soap boiler, [died of] consumption [tuberculosis], April 22, 1803,      a[ge] 34 y[ears]. CR4
Whittemore, Mary, [died of] consumption, August 18, 1790, a. 19 y. CR4
Whittemore, Mary (Potter of Beverly), wid[ow of ] Asa, from Danvers, mariner, [died of] consumption, December      8, 1801. CR4

From The Diaries of William Bently , Pastor of the East Church, Salem, Massachusetts.

Sunday. July 18, 1790   
Three persons lie dangerously ill of Consumption. A Polly Whittemore , a Mrs. Williams, and a Mrs. Nesbitt.

July 20, 1790 
Attended the baptism of a Mary Whittemore. Her father has absented from his family, & has become wretched in his vices. The Mother lived in the New Fort, & then removed into the Upper part of the Town. She has since returned among us into Uncle Diman's House, for the benfit of a Son in the Ropewalk.  The young woman is in a declining state.

Sunday. August 15, 1790  Mary Whittemore in apprehension of death.

November, 1790
State of the Inoculation for the Small Pox in regard to persons belonging to the East Religious Society, Salem, in the Autumn of 1792.[76] Persons inoculated in the Barracks at New Fort, on the Neck, 24 Oct. 1792, Little, sole Physician.
Name: James Whittemore     age: 24       Success: favorable, detained        Returned: ret. November 15.

List for 1792 [Members of East Church]

Whittemore, James, Ropemaker.
Whittemore, Mary, Widow. (James mother)

Sunday, _____ 5, 1794
James Whittemore & wife, death of their brother. (Clemmons?)

Sunday, July 23, 1797
James Whittemore & wife, death of her Brother, pr. for Brethren at Sea.

Sunday, December 13, 1801
James Whittemore & wife & Brother & Sister, death of their Brother [Mother], pr. for Brethren at Sea.

December 5, 1816  John Forbes, a seaman. [died of] Fever, 32 years...The mother a Dawson
and thrice married. First a Forbes, and by him had three children; second, a Preston, by whom one child; third, a Whittemore, and by him one child.

February 8, 1817
Mr. Whittemore, sometimes sexton, sometimes Deacon to the Branch, brought me the invitation & accompanied me. He is a white man & father in law to Charles Forbes, a most promising young man. I saw the best of the blacks in Salem, perhaps in New England. [Speaking of the gathering he attended with James Whittemore to honor the black members of the community.]

August 17, 1817
Charles Forbes, returned from Sea, having been among the Islands of the Great Ocean. He was patronized by Mrs. Rogers & myself & was the son of John Forbes who was drowned in Virginia in 1791, leaving a wife and 4 children..The wife has since married James Whittemore.

1 Sarah Whitford married John Forbes 10 September 1782 in Salem. He died in 1791.

James does not appear on the earlier listing of members from the 1790 Federal Census in Mr. Bentley's diary. His mother, Mary Whittemore does, but neither she nor her husband is listed on the 1785 census which Mr. Bently also includes in his diary.  They are most likely still in Danvers in 1785.

This entry is recorded the Sunday after the death of Mary Whittemore. She died 8 Dec 1801, therefore I assume this to be an error in the transcription of the diary.   James brother, Jacob died at Martinico (Matinique) in late 1800 or early 1801. The news of his death was received in Salem 4 February 1801 (See Salem Deaths p. 330) At the time of Mary's death only James, his sister, Anne, and his brother, Stephen survived their mother. The only other sibling, Mary, had died at the age of 19 on 18 August 1790.

"Deacon is one of the classes or ranks of Christian clergy. The term also refers to members of the laity assigned to help ministers and priests in such tasks as preaching and helping the sick and needy....In may Protestant churches, deacons are lay members who help meet various needs of their congregation." [World Book Encyclopedia]

Congregational Church: Unlike many Christian denominations, Congegationalists reject outside control by bishops and counsels. They believe that each congregation should control its own affairs, including the selection of ministers.  This principle strongly influenced the development of democratic government in the United States.  Congregationalism began in England during the early 1600s . It was a branch of Puritanism which attempted to "purify" the church of England. This branch was called Separatists, having broken away from the Church of England which they felt could not be reformed.  These Separatists later became known as Congegationalist because of their insistance on the rights of local congregations.
     Congregational doctrines dominated religious and cultural life in New England through the early 1800's. They later became known for their liberal social goals, their willingness to cooperate with other religious groups, and their emphasis on education. Both Harvard and Yale Universities were begun by Congregationalists. [World Book Encyclopedia]


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