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Birth Date: <8 April 1603>
Birth Place: Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales
Death Date: 1690
Norwich, New London, Connecticut

Sarah Calkins
Mary Calkins
John Calkins
David Calkins
Susan Calkins
Deborah Calkins
Rebecca Calkins
abt 1637-1717


Mother: <ELEN PAYNE>





An International Family Reunion was held in May 2000 in Norwich Conn. The following was presented there. Of great family interest was evidence which suggests Rowland Calkins and Elen Payne married June 23, 1597 were the parents of Hugh Calkins christened April 8, 1603, both in the parish of Waverton, Cheshire. Also found there were christening dates for Sarah (May 6, 1627), Mary (Dec. 27, 1629), Rebecka (Nov. 9, 1631), and Deborah (April 17, 1639, buried Oct. 4, 1639). Missing records probably explains no record of birth for John or Ann (Eaton), nor a marriage record for Hugh to anyone. Mr. Roy Edwards of Hayes, Middlesex, England is preparing an article on the origin of members of the "Welsh Company" (he suggests that it might be renamed the "Cheshire Company") for submission to a national genealogical publication.

Deacon Hugh CALKINS was born in Chepstow, Monmouth, Wales 1600. Hugh died 1690 in Norwich, New London, CT, at age 90.

He married Ann EATON. Ann was born 1605 in Chepstow, Monmouth, Wales. Ann was the daughter of Francis EATON. Ann died June 1688 in Norwich, New London, CT, at age 82.

Hugh immigrated in 1640. Other spellings of the surname that may be found include Caulkins and Calkin. A part of the Welsh Company, he immigrated with his minister Rev. Blinman. Settling first at Marshfield, MA they moved to Gloucester, MA. After eight years they removed to New London, CT. In 1650 he was a deputy from Gloucester to the General Court of Massachusetts. While at New London, he was chosen twelve times as deputy to the Connecticut Assembly, and was a New London selectman for some time. At Norwich, CT, he was a deputy at ten sessions of the Legislature from 1663 to 1671. He was one of the first deacons of the Norwich church. At all three towns, he was primarily employed in public business, serving on various committees.

Deacon Hugh CALKINS and Ann EATON had the following children:

Sarah CALKINS was born in England July 31, 1626. Sarah died 1677 in Gloucester, Massachusetts, at age 50. She married William HOUGH October 28, 1645 in Gloucester, Massachusetts. William was born ca 1617 in Westchester, Cheshire, England. William was the son of Edward HOUGH and Ann UNKNOWN. William died 10 August 1683 in New London, New London Co, Connecticut, at age 66.

Mary CALKINS was born Monmouth, Wales 1629. Mary died 1691 New Jersey, at age 62. She married Hugh ROBERTS November 8, 1649 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

John CALKINS was born circa 1634.

Deborah CALKINS was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts March 18, 1643/1644. She married Jonathan ROYCE.

Rebecca CALKINS was born before March 14, 1651/1652, the first event for which there is a recorded date. Rebecca died March 14, 1651/1652 in Gloucester, Massachusetts, at age unknown.

David CALKINS was born before about 1672, the first event for which there is a recorded date.